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Our production facility is by appointment only so our clients get the individual attention they deserve. It’s important you get the correct material for your project. We promise you the best price point available with cutting edge installations.

Where Rustic Meets Refined

Hand-crafted, custom reclaimed wood—made with a legacy of tradition.

As third-generation woodworkers, we draw upon a history of tradition, family, and heritage. Founded as a local, family-owned business, every product crafted at Southern Vintage allows you to share in this legacy, from reclaimed wood flooring and barn siding to rustic wood beams and vintage wood mantels. Our reclaimed hardwood flooring and live edge furniture is designed with functionality in mind, providing quality craftsmanship and durability that lasts a lifetime.

Bring timeless character and dynamic warmth to every room in your home with reclaimed wood flooring, antique beams, live edge mantels, and custom furniture from Southern Vintage. All our products are custom designed and crafted, bringing something unique and unexpected to your home or business. If you can envision it, we can help bring your design to life through our unique combination of styles, textures, species, and finishes.

Our expert knowledge and artistry, including our exclusive saw struck technique, ensures you are investing in something timeless, versatile, and impressive. From modern live edge tables and mantels to antique hardwood flooring and rustic barn siding, each piece crafted at Southern Vintage brings a unique piece of history and character to your home.

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You’ve seen hardwood flooring countless times, but none like ours.


Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

Large selection of natural stone veneers for your interior or exterior.



Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables custom made, that are just as unique as you and your space.




Granite / quartz countertops bring beauty and durability to your most used spaces.



Sliding Doors

Let our custom reclaimed wood doors set the tone for the entrance to your space.




A soft touch for your floors with every color and pattern you can imagine.


Build Your Home—Build Your Story

Reclaimed wood brings timeless beauty and warmth to your home or business. Sourced from historic industrial mills, remote riverbeds, and antique barns and homes, we bring new life to antique wood, preventing it from being destroyed or sitting unused. Age naturally, antique wood brings unequaled quality and beauty to your home that can’t be found in products today. Each piece of wood in our custom reclaimed wood flooring and live edge furniture is sourced so that every detail is unique and irreplicable—filling your home or business exclusive character and unique details that cannot be reproduced.

Reclaimed wood comes with an extraordinary history. Imagine reclaimed hardwood flooring crafted from the supporting joist of a historic home or barn, a reclaimed wood mantle rendered from century old logs discovered in hidden riverbeds, or antique reclaimed wood beams found in bygone textile mills or industrial buildings. This wood has seen it all. Standing up to decades of sun, rain, wind, and snow, the many years of wear bring out unique grain, color, and texture characteristics that cannot be replicated.

From reclaimed wood flooring to live edge mantels, build your unique story by incorporating antique wood into your home or business. Through Southern Vintage’s exclusive variety of products and species, your home will come to life with wood sourced from locations throughout America. We offer a wide variety of woods and stains, including heart pine, Nashville, oak, Mississippi river oak, and combinations of wood from Appalachia, the Smoky Mountains, Memphis, and beyond.

Let us help you design a home that tells your story with timeless reclaimed hardwood flooring and rustic wood beams from Southern Vintage.

The Southern Vintage Standard

Custom milled and hand-crafted—everything we produce upholds the traditions and standards that have guided us for generations. From reclaimed hardwood flooring to live edge tables and antique wood beams, each of our products starts with the highest quality logs. Because we begin with superior quality, we are able to offer the longest and widest plank lengths for flooring and live edge furniture. With Southern Vintage, you will always receive the very best lumber available—for projects both large and small. Our selective process ensures you are receiving a unique piece of reclaimed wood that will last for generations to come.

Unsurpassed Durability

Often centuries old, the durability of reclaimed wood is unmatched. Crafted from old growth virgin timber, reclaimed wood is denser, stronger, and more durable than wood grown today. Though no longer found in today’s products, old growth wood can be salvaged and repurposed to create beautiful reclaimed wood flooring, vintage wood mantels, and rustic wood beams. With unsurpassed durability and beauty, you are investing in products that will withstand generations of use while preventing antique wood from rotting, being destroyed, or sitting unused. When you invest in reclaimed wood flooring, rustic wood beams, or vintage hardwood flooring from Southern Vintage, you are investing in pieces that will last a lifetime.

Expertly Crafted, Designed for You

The versatility and durability of reclaimed wood provides endless possibilities for customization. Through our design consultations, we can help you create the perfect reclaimed wood products to add incredible character and warmth to any room. Combining elegance with durability, our vintage hardwood flooring brings unique warmth to every space, while our antique wood beams and live edge mantels become the focal point of any room, vitalizing your space with exceptional character.

For the perfect finishing touch to any space, our custom live edge wood furniture provides an exceptional balance between bold and refined. From a live edge mantel or kitchen table for your home to a live edge conference table for your business, each piece crafted by Southern Vintage is completely unique. Taken from logs that would otherwise be destroyed, we carefully select the highest-quality lumber to ensure we can preserve the character of each piece. Every custom design is carefully crafted to reveal the rich wood grain and distinctive edges that make our live edge wood furniture a unique investment to pass down for generations.

Refined—with Character

Founded upon tradition, our woodworking legacy goes back generations. Southern Vintage is not just a company; it is passion, love, and legacy that will be passed on for generations. Our reclaimed wood products are inspired by the warmth and life evoked in the natural, rustic characteristics of wood. Yet, with its versatility, reclaimed wood has the potential to match any home or interior. Southern Vintage approaches every product we make—from reclaimed hardwood flooring to live edge mantels and rustic wood beams—from this perspective, giving you the widest array of products and customization available.

As with our traditions, our reclaimed wood is meant to be passed down for generations. We look forward to collaborating with you on reclaimed wood products that build your story and your home. Whether you need durable reclaimed wood flooring that will enhance your forever home, a stunning live edge table that will become the centerpiece of kitchens for generations to come, or a vintage barnwood mantle that will adorn the gathering point of your home, we can help you find the perfect combination between rustic and refined to meet your needs.

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