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Granite & Quartz Countertops

A premium granite or quartz countertop can add exquisite value to your home. Strikingly beautiful and durable, natural stone countertops make the perfect focal point for your kitchen or bathroom. Investing in quality stone countertops is a long-lasting way to enhance your home—that’s why quality is a top priority when it comes to selecting the right granite or quartz countertops. 


Our expert craftsmen at Southern Vintage will help you choose which type of stone is best for your home and lifestyle, ensuring that every detail, from floors and cabinets to countertops, is exactly as you envisioned. With natural stone countertops from Southern Vintage, we can handle everything for you, from helping you select the right material to measurements and installation. Whether you want a clean, refined quartz countertop or an impressive granite countertop that makes a statement, Southern Vintage can help you find the right style to define your space.


Granite Countertops

Renowned for its natural beauty, granite countertops have been an enduring favorite of homeowners. Admired for its natural look and unique characteristics, every piece of granite is one of a kind. Due to the natural flecking pattern in granite countertops, you can find a beautiful pattern to coordinate with any kitchen and cabinetry.

Granite countertops are also incredibly durable and will look beautiful in your kitchen for years to come. Though granite requires sealing every couple of years, its scratch-resistant and heat-resistant surface makes it a low-maintenance option for those looking for beauty and longevity.


Quartz Countertops

Made of natural stone and polymer resin, quartz countertops are another favored option for homeowners. As an engineered product, quartz is preferred by some for its more uniform appearance. However, quartz countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can still find something unique to perfectly coordinate with your home.

When it comes to durability, quartz countertops are hard to beat. Its crack and stain-resistant coating does not have to be resealed, so you can rely on your quartz countertop to maintain its beauty for the lifetime of your kitchen.


Edge Styles

Because Southern Vintage handles the entire selection process for your countertops, from finishing to installation, you have unparalleled control to ensure every detail counts. When it comes to finishing touches, the edge style of your granite or quartz countertops can have a key impact. From simple and understated to upscale and traditional, Southern Vintage can help you find the right finishes to accentuate the style of your kitchen or bathroom.

-Flat, Eased Edge

The eased edge is perfect for a modern aesthetic. With smooth, slightly rounded edges, the eased edge gives you the clean, modern look of a straight edge but without any sharp or easily damaged surfaces.

-Rounded Edge

The rounded edge imparts a soft, clean look to any kitchen. Rounded at the top and flat on the bottom, the rounded edge countertops are durable and thick, creating a welcoming and functional appearance.

-Bullnose Edge

The bullnose edge is one of the most popular styles for homeowners. Fully rounded on both the top and bottom, with smooth corners all the way around, the bullnose edge is timeless and casual, perfect for families.


The beveled edge provides a perfect decorative touch to any countertops. With an angular edge around the top, the beveled edge enhances your kitchen with a traditional, elevated look for the perfect subtle statement.


The chiseled edge makes an excellent complement to a rustic kitchen. With a natural-looking edge and exposed stone running along the side, the chiseled edge incorporates an organic, rugged element into your kitchen decor.


The ogee edge is the perfect premium touch. With a cascading curved edge and gentle s-shape, the ogee elevates any kitchen with an elegant, handcrafted touch, perfect for upscale designs and classic countertops.



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Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

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Granite / quartz countertops bring beauty and durability to your most used spaces.



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