What to Know Before Designing a Custom Table

What To Know Before Designing A Custom Table
Do you have heirloom furniture? These pieces always add a special touch to your home, reminding you of loved ones and representing your family’s history. They are important. Guess what? You can introduce new heirlooms into your family’s world. You can give following generations a piece to enjoy for years to come. How can you do this? Invest in a custom table from Southern Vintage!

Here’s the thing about a custom table from us: it’s made from live edge wood and repurposed materials, which means your table is made out of little pieces of history. This isn’t just a nice piece of furniture off a show floor; it’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art containing decades of craftsmanship. It’s one of the most valuable items you can ever buy. In order to make sure you get rustic reclaimed furniture that is everything you need it to be, there are some things to consider. In today’s blog, we are going to share four things to think about before submitting your order with us.

Shape and Size

We’re sure it’s no surprise these are the first considerations to make. You need a table that will fit in your chosen space and provide the shape you need. Our tables feature organic edges straight from nature, but we can provide circular, oval, square, or rectangular tables. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Round tables are great in small rooms, especially square ones. They also offer flexible seating: it’s easier to squeeze a few more people around a round table than a square one. If you don’t have to worry about hosting formal gatherings, a round table can be the perfect, cozy option that always has the ability fit another friend.
  • Square and rectangular tables immediately evoke elegance. They are also usually big enough to hold all the Thanksgiving dinner dishes. They work best in long rooms with plenty of space, providing order and beauty to family and holiday gatherings. If you are at a point in life when your adult children are visiting with their own children, a long, rectangular table is a great option. (Don’t forget a small, square table for the kids!).


Most people overlook this part of the equation, which is a shame. The way your table feels to the touch has a huge impact. This is especially true when it comes to Southern Vintage’s live-edge custom tables. We will work with you to ensure the surface is as smooth as you want it. The thing is, smoother isn’t always better. A little wood grain can add a depth of texture that makes dining very pleasant. Of course, if you’re doing paperwork, wood grain under your pen and paper can be annoying. Knowing your table’s main purpose will help you decide just what kind of surface you need.

Type of Wood

We offer many different wood options, and it’s very important your table is made of the perfect material. Again, knowing your table’s main purpose will help you narrow down your options. Hardwoods like maple and oak will stand up to wear and tear better than pine, which is a beautiful softwood. We will work hard to ensure you get a table that will stand the test of time and feature the color and texture you love.


We’ve mentioned the importance of identifying your table’s purpose multiple times for a reason: it’s very important. Are you hoping your table will make an impression? Do you want something more practical? If you get a live edge custom table from us, you are guaranteed to make an impression. We will bring all of our expertise to bear in making the table practical.

Whether you need a custom dining room table, side table, desk, or console table, Southern Vintage is your destination. Shop with us today!

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