The Show Room


JOHN ALLGEIER, Louisville native and owner of Flooring and Granite Designs, has created a new direction for today’s furnishings using old reclaimed wood.  The Premiere of SOUTHERN VINTAGE, the all-new showroom featuring these unique reclaimed wood materials, and the brand name of the new furniture line, located at 10515 Fischer Park Drive in Louisville, Ky., will take place the 16th, 17th, and 18th of June.  *New location : 900 E Main St Louisville, KY 40206


The Show Room

The latest trends and classics in home and office products of flooring, furniture made from reclaimed wood from barns, barrels, historic buildings, churches, wood beams and more, plus wood wall tiles and granite will be offered to customers whose preferences vary from rustic to refine, the trademark of Southern Vintage.  The new showroom offers the opportunity  to see, touch and possibly hold some of these hand-picked pieces of wood that have aged beautifully through exposure to hundreds of years of wind, rain and snow, unlike today’s typical wood materials.

A silent auction of a seven-foot, live-edge walnut table, valued at $8,500.00 will be a part of the Premiere and will benefit The Fuller Center for Housing of Louisville, via South East Christian Church (SECC) one of John’s favorite charities.

southern vintage family 004John, his wife Jessica and their five children are an active part of the Louisville community and members of Southeast Christian Church. They feel strongly about giving back for the blessings their family has received over the years. Chad Blanchard, Missions Director at SECC said, “When I called on John, he was eager to be our floor supplier for The Fuller Center for Housing and shared the passion for providing homes in West Louisville.”  Mayor Fischer, in his speech at an opening of one of the homes, describes the projects as “reclaiming old houses and giving them new life.” … much like what John is doing with wood.  In addition, the Mayor proudly proclaimed, “The donors and partners of FCH demonstrate that Louisville is the most compassionate city in the world.”

It is obvious to their customers and partners that John Allgeier and the team at Southern Vintage are not only passionate about what they do, but more important? Community, exceeding expectations and delivering tradition and quality to their clients IS their passion.

baby“Every day I get to wake up and go to work doing what I love, in a community that means so much to me, for customers and partners who are a pleasure to work with.  Then I come home to a family that I have to say….are an absolute blessing. If that isn’t life, I don’t know what is. Whether it is walking in the woods, selecting trees with my kids for live-edge furniture to hand selecting reclaimed siding and flooring with our customers to be handcrafted for their homes. ” – John Allgeier.

While Wednesday and Thursday are private showings, Saturday, June 18, Southern Vintage will open to the public at 10:00 am.  At 11:00 am, John and special dignitaries will be hosting the opening ceremony, followed by the announcement of the amount raised through the silent auction and the winner.

 About Flooring and Granite Designs

Flooring and Granite Designs, a Louisville company, is a third generation family-owned business. The Allgeier family chose to create this company in hopes of providing the Louisville area with expertise and high quality products while keeping family values within the industry.  To learn more visit    –    502-495-1191  –  1-844- 7vintage.

Southern Vintage will ship any of our hand crafted products to most any location within the United States of America