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Natural stone veneer adds so much character to your home. From an inviting stone fireplace at the center of your home to a gorgeous stone accent wall with a rustic touch, Southern Vintage has the natural stone veneer you need to give your home a handcrafted feel. We specialize in beautifully crafted, natural veneer stone that is long-lasting and versatile to install, providing ease and flexibility when it comes to selecting the right stone accents for your home.


Beautiful and Lightweight

Natural stone is the perfect way to add warmth and depth to your home, yet actual stones can be heavy and difficult to install. With a high-quality natural stone veneer, you get the same beauty, texture, and quality as real stones—because they are real. Our real stone veneer is suitable to install over nearly any surface, making it an excellent option for renovations and upgrades throughout your home. With a high-quality stone veneer, you never have to sacrifice quality.

Made of durable materials that require little maintenance, natural stone veneers upgrade your home with a timeless style. Because we only use natural stone, you never have to worry about chipping, cracking, or fading over time. The beauty of natural veneer stone lasts for ages, and can easily be restored to brilliance with a simple household cleaner.


Natural Stone Accents

Nothing compares to the charm of natural stones. The organic colors, textures, and details add depth to your living spaces and compliment any style with refinement. When it comes to selecting the right natural stone veneer for your home, choosing the right areas to accent is essential.



Nothing says distinction quite like a natural stone accent surrounding your fireplace. With a timeless, old-world appeal, natural stone veneer can add depth and interest to the gathering space of your home. Carrying the stone veneer up to the ceiling creates a dramatic, eye-catching look that will become the focal point of your room. A vintage reclaimed wood mantel brings some balance to your space, adding warmth and rustic character.


Accent Walls

If your home has a modern, monochromatic style, adding a natural stone veneer accent wall creates the perfect contrast. Whether you envision a contrasting stone wall or intriguing textures that enliven your space, natural stone veneer lends a sense of dimension and personality to your home. Carrying natural stone veneer throughout your home can bring balance into your space with cohesive designs and textures.



You’ve seen hardwood flooring countless times, but none like ours.


Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

Large selection of natural stone veneers for your interior or exterior.



Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables custom made, that are just as unique as you and your space.




Granite / quartz countertops bring beauty and durability to your most used spaces.



Sliding Doors

Let our custom reclaimed wood doors set the tone for the entrance to your space.




A soft touch for your floors with every color and pattern you can imagine.