Barn siding has seen it all. It has stood up to decades of sun, rain, wind, and snow. Years of service bring out its grain, color, and other unique characteristics.

In a world where we too often find ourselves in cookie-cutter homes with white walls, barn siding has the power to bring incredible character and warmth to any room. At Southern Vintage, we love to consult with our clients and discover just what kind of look they’re going for, whether they’re buying a barnwood mantel or reclaimed barn wood furniture.


  • Do you really love rough, rustic textures?
  • Are you looking to smooth textures out while preserving organic beauty?
  • What color are you looking for? Stain or paint?


As you’ll see in our selection below, we can accommodate any vision. Whether you’re hoping to panel a hallway or you need a simple accent above your fireplace, we can help. It is easy for us to ensure the wood arrives in a state that allows you to just put it up. That means we clean, sand, and stain or paint the wood to fit your needs. If you aren’t sure what tone or texture will best suit your aesthetic, we will be happy to send you a free sample of our reclaimed barn wood for sale. Let’s do this!


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Southern Vintage will ship any of our hand crafted products to most any location within the United States of America