When you want to evoke elegance and comfort at the same time, it’s time to invest in live-edge furniture.


This type of furniture refuses to erase the character of timber with sawing and sanding. Instead, it magnifies natural beauty in a practical combination of organic comfort and refreshing elegance. You will love the impact our furniture has on any room or office. Because we put time and passion into selecting perfect timber and then working with it to bring out its unique beauty, each piece is a stunner.


Whether you need a live edge slab table, desk, coat rack, or bookshelf, you’ll find what you need below. If none of the pieces fit your needs, we can do custom work as well. Keep in mind that when you invest in one of these pieces, you’re investing in a future heirloom. It’s not just something to bring your room together; it’s something future generations will treasure. It’s well worth the investment. Southern Vintage is proud to offer everything from reclaimed barnwood to rustic beams sourced from neglected farms where they would simply rot. Give nature a hand and make your home or office truly unique when you buy gorgeous barnwood with character from us today!

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Southern Vintage will ship any of our hand crafted products to most any location within the United States of America