While furniture can do a lot for a room, there is nothing as powerful as a wall.


You’ve seen the way a new color can completely transform the light, perceived size, and ambiance of any room. Well, it’s time to take that impact to the next level by adding texture. Our reclaimed wood wall tiles come in a dazzling array of tones and textures, allowing you to achieve the perfect backdrop for any room. Whether you want a unique backsplash or accent wall, our rich, gorgeous reclaimed wood products will deliver the stunning impact you need.


All of our wall tiles come from old farms where they would have rotted away. Instead of letting that happen, we gather them up and can stain them to deliver the perfect tone and ambiance. That means that shopping with us not only results in products with great character, you get to prevent beautiful materials from wasting away! Whether you’re making a wet bar at home and need the perfect wood wall or it’s time to make the living room everything you thought it could be, it’s time to shop with us. We offer wood panels and reclaimed hardwood flooring for sale. Shop with us now!

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Southern Vintage will ship any of our hand crafted products to most any location within the United States of America