Pines are among the most commercially important tree species valued for their timber and wood pulp throughout the world. Pine wood is widely used in high-value carpentry items such as furniture, window frames, panelling, floors and roofing.
Traditional shiplap has a rabbet (or groove) cut into the top and bottom, which allows the pieces to fit together snugly, forming a tight seal. This also gives shiplap its distinctive appearance, with subtle horizontal reveals between each piece. Lately shiplap has become a popular choice for interior finishes too, thanks to its rustic charm and subtle texture. (Fixer Upper would lead you to believe that nearly every home in the Waco area is covered in it.)

All orders are milled from same tree and lot number, however wood is natural and no two pieces are alike! Each board will have some variation in grain pattern, knots, color and hold the true authenticity and character of each Pine Tree.

Our Shiplap is available in a nominal 6″ width (net face 5″), in lengths of 6 feet (25ft² per box), one box minimum order or by the total square footage. Use 10% overage for waste calculation.

Recommended for interior use only.

All our products are non-toxic, free of hazardous materials, and a Local. Louisville KY. Family Owned Business.

“We Hand Select, Custom-Cut, and Stain All Orders.”, John D Allgeier II CEO and 3rd Generation Wood-Worker.

Custom Colors Available: Baby Blue, Soft Pink, Sea Foam, Stark White, Stained, or Raw.

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